Responces from the contest participants

  1. Thank you for the good organization of the contest! We will be pleased to cooperate with you. Good luck in all your undertakings!

Sincerely, LebedevaInessaVladimirovna. NaberezhnyeChelny

  1. It was very nice to participate in such a wonderful exhibition, especially be a winner. I will definitely take part in the autumn exhibition.

Sincerely, Kanaev Z.M. Makhachkala

  1. Sincere exhibition! Recently, more and more often in various sources there is information that modern art is in crisis, its canons have been lost, values have been blurred, everything beautiful has been turned into an anti-esthetic game. However, here we see the opposite – Art, Beauty, Harmony are alive, the desire of man to create the beautiful does not even just pulsate, but beats with a full-blooded fountain. Presented works of professionals, beginning artists and amateurs are pleased with the variety, radiated warmth, talent. According to the geography of theparticipants, the exhibition has already gone beyond the framework of the all-Russian exhibition. Gratitude to the organizers, participants and all who are involved in this creative beauty! Let such an event become a good tradition and expand the horizons!

Nadezhda Lantsevskaya, candidate of cultural studies, associate professor of the Chair of Philosophy and Social Communications of the ShGPU