International Virtual Exhibition-Contest of Theatre Art

REGULATIONS Of the International Virtual Exhibition-Contest of Theatre Art within the framework of the International Virtual Exhibition-Contest of Contemporary Art

The International Virtual Exhibition Contest of Contemporary Art is designed to  support professional and amateur theatre art in all variety of genres, as well as to present the best performances that combine the continuity of traditions, innovation and experimentsto the contemporary audience.

The date of the virtual exhibition-contest of Theatre Art: from 27 November to 3 December 2017.

Term of registration: until 19 November 2017

Forms of participation:Correspondence form.

Correspondence form of participation: the participant sends video recording of a live performance to the organizing committee. The Organizing Committee places the files in the gallery of works sent to the International Exhibition- Contestof Theatre Art at for the popularization of scenic creativity to a wide audience.


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama
  3. The tragedy
  4. Musical performance
  5. The Fairy Tale
  6. Musical-poetic composition
  7. Literary drawing room
  8. Poetic reading (readers)
  9. Children’s performance
  10. Vanguard performance
  11. Living Classics
  12. Theatrical choreography
  13. Scenic design


ATTENTION! The number of applications from one participant (team) is not limited! Any contestant can participate in several nominations, each contest number is paid in full.

Technical requirements:

  1. Post a video with your speech on any public video hosting (,,
  2. Fill in the application form for the participation at our site
  3. Copy and addto the application  thereference to the video on the site
  4. Send the application with the obligatory indication of the reference to the video recording of the speech to e-mail (file sharing is excluded, etc.).

ATTENTION! Please do not archive all files in one folder (formats rar, zip, etc.). Applications formed in this way will not be considered. A video file can have extensions avi; vob; mpg; Mpeg; Mpe; dat; Wmv; Vzo; Ast; Dvz-ms; Mod. “

Required documents for registration:

  1. Application form for the participation. It is necessary to fill in  an application for each item, sent from the participant or team. The application form contains the information about the participant and materials for publication.
  2. Reference to the video recording of the speech on the site to the email address;
  3. A copy of the payment (receipt scan or photo) of the entry fee in electronic form. In the receipt it is necessary to point the name of the contest, to which the work is sent: “The name of the contest”. A copy of the receipt must be legible.

ATTENTION! In response to your letter you will receive confirmation that the materials have been received. And after checking the quality of the video recording (within 3-5 working days depending on the workload), the manager will inform you that the application has been accepted.

If somethingis missed or something needs to be fixed, we will write you about it. All correspondence concerning one application is conducted from one email address, it is inadmissible to send corrections and additions to the application from other addresses.

Cost of the participation:

Participation in the international virtual exhibition-contest of theatre artis paid. To participate in the contest, participants pay an organizational fee for the participating in the nomination. The size of the organizational fee in one nomination and one category:

  1. The performer (1 participant) – 5 €.
  2. Theater of small forms (up to 4 participants) – 10 €.
  3. Theater of large forms (from 5 participants) – 15 €.

Works, performed from the organization / institution, are required to pay in one receipt.

Children, youthful, youth creative associations, institutions of additional education, cultural centers, collectives of secondary schools, secondary and higher education, amateur and professional theatres, studios, entertainment agencies and individual performersof Russia and Abroad, independenly of age, gender, nationality, or other characteristics, but with the definition of the age category of the participants can take part in the International Virtual Exhibition-Contest of theatre Art.


  1. Category «Profi»: authors who have a special education.
  2. Category «Student»: students of specialized educational institutions.
  3. Category «Amateur»: authors who do not have a special education, who create their works as self-realization.
  4. Category «Graduate»: 9-11th grades.
  5. Category «Learning AE»: students in the system of additional education (circles, art schools, children’s art studios, centers of children’s creativity, etc.).


To evaluate the competition works, the Expert Council (jury) is formed. The Expert Council includes the following professional groups of specialists: cultural and art figures.

The work of the Expert Council (jury) includes the evaluation of the submitted video or audio recording of live performance. Decisions of the jury commission are final, they can not be reviewed and appealed!


According to the results of the International Virtual Exhibition-Contest, the best works and a list of winners will be presented on the website The results of the contest in all nominationsare summed up separately taking into account the categories.

The winners are awarded with the Diploma of the laureate (1,2,3 degrees) with the signature and stamp in electronic form (to the email address pointed in the application). Electronic versions of letters of thanks with a signature and a stamp are sent to leaders and teachers to the email address pointed in the application. The rest of the participants receive a Participant Diploma with a signature and stamp in electronic form to the email address pointed in the application. You can print them out yourself in any quantity. And paper diplomas are not sent.

If within a month after the announcement of the results of the international virtual exhibition-contest of graphic art diplomas and letters of thanks have not come to your e-mail address, please inform us at, and we will duplicate the letter.

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Contact Information:

In all questions related to the virtual exhibition-contest of contemporary art, you can address:

– to the e-mail: (the theme of the letter is “The International Virtual Exhibition Contest of Contemporary Art”)

– to the address: 641800, Kurgan region, Shadrinsk, st.Octaybrskay, 98, Shadrinsk State Pedagogical University (ShGPU)

– by phone: 8 (35253) 7-58-07

Contact telephone number of the administrator of the International Virtual Exhibition Contest of Contemporary Art: 8-912-972-48-32

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