International Virtual Exhibition-Contest of Graphic Arts

RULES AND REGULATIONS Of the International Virtual Exhibition-Contest of Graphic Arts

as part of the International Virtual Exhibition-Contest of Contemporary Art

The goal of the International Virtual Exhibition Contest of Contemporary Art is to find and support young people with artistic and creative abilities in the field of fine arts, as well as to show the best works of professional and amateur artists to the contemporary audience.

Period of participation in the virtual exhibition-contest of Graphic Arts: from 27 November to 3 December 2017.

Registration deadline date: until 19 November 2017

Form of participation: by correspondence.

The meaning of correspondence form of participation: participant sends electronic versions of art works to the organizing committee. The Organizing Committee displays art works for a wide audience on the web site


  1. Landscape.
  2. Portrait.
  3. Still life.
  4. Fantasy.
  5. Genre picture.
  6. The plot composition

ATTENTION! The number of applications from one participant (team) is not limited! Any contestant can participate in several nominations, every application has to be paid separately.

Technical requirements:

  1. Fill in the application form on our web site
  2. Attach the photo of your contest art work .
  3. Fill in the identification label on and add to the application

ATTENTION! The International Virtual Exhibition-Contest of Graphic Art only accepts photo-images of your art works in jpeg or .tiff; not less than 200 dpi and up to 20 Mb.

Required documents for registration:

  1. Application form. It is necessary to fill in an application form for each art work, sent from the participant or team. The application form contains information about the participant and materials for publication.
  2. A copy of the payment slip (receipt scan or photo) of the participation fee. In the receipt you have to indicate the name of the contest. The copy of the receipt must be legible.

ATTENTION! Upon receiving your application, you will get a confirmation letter. After checking the quality of the photo-image of art works, the manager will inform you that the application has been accepted (within 3-5 working days).

If we need anything else, we will contact you.  You have to use the same e-mail address for all the correspondence regarding the same application; corrections and updates sent from a different e-mail address will not be accepted.

Participation costs:

There are organizational fees for participation in the international virtual exhibition-contest of graphics:

  1. Art work – 5 €.
  2. Collective work – 7 €.

Art works sent from organizations / institutions are to be paid in one receipt.

The International Virtual Exhibition-Contest of Graphic Art welcomes all kind of associations and organizations, schools of secondary and higher education, amateur and professional artists from Russia and abroad to participate.


  1. Category «Profi»: professional artists.
  2. Category «Student»: students majoring in art.
  3. Category «Amateur»: participants who do not have special education and who create their works for self-realisation.
  4. Category «Teenager»: high school students.
  5. Category «Additional Course»: students who take additional art courses (children’s art studios, centers of children’s creativity, etc.).


The Expert Council (jury) is formed by the following professional groups: a) members of unions and associations; b) art critics.

The work of the Expert Council (jury) includes the evaluation of the submitted art works. Decisions of the jury commission are final, They cannot be reviewed or appealed!


According to the results of the International Virtual Exhibition-Contest, the best works and a list of winners will be shown on the website The results of the contest in all nominations will be shown separately according to the categories.

The winners will be awarded with Diploma(1,2,3 degrees) bearing a signature and a stamp in electronic form  and will be sent to the email address indicated in the application form. Electronic letters of thanks bearing a signature and stamp will be sent to leaders and teachers to e-mail addresses indicated in the application. The rest of the participants will receive to their e-mail address a Participant Diploma. All diplomas can be printed out. Paper diplomas will not be sent.

If within a month after the announcement of the results of the international virtual exhibition-contest of graphic art you do not receive diplomas and letters of thanks, please let us know sending an e-mail to, and we will send the letter again.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions regarding the virtual exhibition-contest of contemporary art, please contact us:

  • by (subject”The International Virtual Exhibition Contest of Contemporary Art”)
  • by post: 641800, Kurgan region, Shadrinsk, st. Octaybrskay, 98, Shadrinsk State Pedagogical University (ShGPU)
  • by phone: 8 (35253) 7-58-07

Contact telephone number of the administrator of the International Virtual Exhibition Contest of Contemporary Art: 8-912-972-48-32

Official web site of the International Virtual Exhibition Contest of Contemporary Art